Junior Policies-Documents

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Welcome document 02-18 (130KB)

Child Protection 02-18 (67KB)

Coach Code of Conduct 02-18 (67KB)

Parent-Spectators Code of Conduct 02-18 (113KB)

Players Code of Conduct 02-18 (66KB)

Reporting an Incident 02-18 (115KB)

Sharing electronic material-media 02-18 (64KB)

Transporting Children 02-18 (72KB)

Video-Photographic images 02-18 (65KB)

Volunteers-Helpers 02-18 (65KB)

Changing-Toilet facilities 02-18 (69KB)

Safeguarding children-vulnerable adults policy 02-18 (164KB)

Challenging Behaviour Guidance 02-18 (157KB)

Childrens Workforce Terms of Ref 02-18 (268KB)

Equity policy statement 02-18 (68KB)

Anti Bullying policy statement 02-18 (116KB)

Health & Safety

OPM RFC – Health & Safety Policy 07-18 (237KB)

Risk Assessment Template Showers-Changing Rooms-Social Areas APP A (21KB)

Risk Assessment Template Kitchen APP B (23KB)

Risk Assessment Template External areas APP C (22KB)

Risk Assessment Template General Internal Areas APP D (22KB)

Risk Assessment Template Setting up of External Floodlights APP E (21KB)