Ryan Yeoman Stands Down as OPM Rugby Club Secretary

As Club Chairman I would like to inform the club that Ryan ‘Pies’ Yeoman has decided to step down from the role of OPM RFC Secretary with immediate effect. Ryan made this decision and it was presented and accepted by the OPM Committee recently however we wanted to ensure that all of the Club were aware.

Ryan has been a mainstay within the OPM Club for many years through coaching, supporting, providing refereeing guidance and most recently as Secretary for 4 years since the 2013/14 season. He has has worked with Mark Turner and myself as Chairmen as well as many different Committee representatives over the years in this unenviable task of trying to keep us all organised and focused!

I’m sure everyone from all aspects of the Juniors, Touch and Senior rugby will assist me in thanking Ryan for all of his hard work, commitment and assistance in supporting, organising and providing countless hours over the years to the Committee and club as a whole in order to ensure that the OPM family continues to develop and grow in Plymouth.

Thank you for all you have done for the club and all of our best for the future as we know you will continue to be on the Plymouth rugby scene for years to come.

Matt Glastonbury, OPM Chairman