Vice Presidents Day - Saturday 4th March - OPM RFC Vs Dartmouth

Over 35 OPM Vice Presidents, Sponsors and Volunteers attended the VP this month. It began with a few drinks and excellent food at the OPM suite with welcome speeches from Pete Organ and Chris Pascoe. We were also very proud to unveil a bench crafted by Sean Cook in honour of Bob Anstis in a touching tribute to his excellent work and service for Plymouth rugby over many years.


This year saw the addition of coach to escort our VIPs to Elburton where they were able to view the newly carpeted social zone and enjoy a further tipple or hot drink. A hard fought and competitive game from both sides gave the spectators a fantastic game of rugby to enjoy. Unfortunately the result wasn’t for OPMs however everyone in attendance was impressed with the structure, heart and skill of the current OPM Team. Back to the OPM suite for a packed house of young and old to enjoy more food and drinking long into the night. Stories, songs and even basic acrobatics took place throughout the evening and everyone was delighted and ultimately very proud of the terrific club we call OPMs.


My thanks go to Chris Pascoe, Ash BW, Matt Naylor and Pete Organ for organising and co-ordinating this terrific event. We have now many new VPs and look forward to next season in order to invite everyone again to celebrate OPM RFC.

Matt Glastonbury
OPM Chairman

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