Elburton Update - January 2017

As its been a busy Christmas and New Year period, the Elburton Taskforce has been taking a well deserved rest to recharge the batteries and plan what the next steps are.

Whilst we have been planning further work, a big thank you to Dave Chapman as the electrics have now been tested and upgraded inside and new floodlights have been attached to the changing facilities to provide light to the pathway and the car park to ensure that the area is now well lit and much more welcoming on those cold, winter evenings.





So what do we plan to do next……………..

We are due to confirm a meeting with Plymouth City Council in order to make some further (possibly structural) improvements to the inside of the social area in the changing rooms in the next month. New notice boards and leaflet racks should soon also be set up too. We are looking to purchase some HERAS fencing in order to keep the mobile lights out fully for the rest of the season to reduce movement of these facilities and we are also aiming to provide better lighting on the portacabins themselves.

Elburton continues to develop and we hope you can see the improvements from all of the efforts made. We look forward to continuing with these and if you have any further ideas or contributions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Matt, Chairman, OPM RFC

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