Message from Pies

Hi wrigglers!

The mighty Jesters have been improving week on week, and our club keeps growing. Each week, it gets more rewarding watching from the sidelines.  Some Jesters have even found themselves stepping up into the 1st team to represent the team at Cornwall/Devon standard – an amazing accolade and bears testament to the fact that selection is always based on merit!

Now that we have growing numbers and its becoming harder to guarantee each of you gametime, Ernie will be reinstating the 3rd team to play frequent games against local clubs and in the cup competition.

What does this mean? There will soon be competition for places and shirts (even in the 2s) – selection will always be based on merit and availability so now more than ever, its important to make every effort to get to training, work hard to earn your place and climb into the 1st team!  It also means that there will be more opportunity for gametime with additional fixtures to play in – happy days!

Luffers has made it clear that there is no club-within-a-club mentality at selection, and that means that we will always select the best squad available for the 1s, then the 2s and now also work hard to ensure the 3s get gametime too.

See you at Training!

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