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The past weekend both the 1st & 2nd XV both secured victories with the 2nd XV having a surplus of players. For this reason we have secured a fixture for the mighty nomads (3rd XV), so if you are available to play please get in contact with Dave or Ernie.


Over the past few weeks there has been a decline in numbers at training. This will have a knock-on effect when you take to the field on the Saturday. I’m sure you all want to see the winning ways continue and this will only happen if we all put the effort in during the week at training. If you are however unable to make training, could you spare a few seconds to drop Leigh a txt. We all have other commitments, this will help the coaches plan and get the most out of each session.


Please ensure you are paying the correct membership fees for 2012/13 season by 1st November. Anyone not paying through direct debit will have to pay on a match by match basis (£5 employed / £3 student or unemployed) from then.
All managers and captains will have an updated report for November and will expect money before you play each match if not done through direct debit.                           Please remember this pays for all training and pre, during and post match facilities and equipment for the club.In short, no pay no play!                                                                 For further details, please contact Matt G, your team manager or captain for further details


Firstly if you didn’t know we have the legendary OPM Halloween party on the 3rd November. Everyone is invited, let’s fill out the clubhouse and have an excellent night. For everyone that attended the Father Abrahams night, we managed to raise £500 for MNDA. So a big thanks goes out to everyone that made it such a fantastic evening.


For people interested in tour (this should be everyone), we have so far sourced some hotels and notified the services that we are interested in touring Gibraltar. Over the next few days we will be looking into the cheapest way of getting over there. So if you have any ideas/contacts please get hold of Matt Naylor. More details can be found on the website.


As you know we have an excellent new website! The beauty of this new website is that it is very easy for anybody who wishes to update and maintain content. If you are interested in maybe taking a role please get in contact with Matt Naylor or Sean Cook.
Currently we need people to post match reports, start building the players profiles and various other tasks! Also if you could all scroll to the very bottom of this page and click the register button and get yourself an OPM webpage account.

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